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DIY Nail Art Wednesday.

I’m going to be bringing back a blast from the past,  Nail Art Wednesday’s.  I’m taking a hiatus from being a holistic medicine practitioner due to my current health issues and the fact that we are expecting our fifth rainbow baby (yes, you read that right, read the story here).

Anyway, to achieve these funky nails it is so super easy! All you just need is nail polishes in your favorite colors, nail stickers, and lots of patience.

I am currently obsessed with the chevron pattern however, I have little baby nails so past my thumb nail it just looks like I put two triangles on my nails and not very chevron-y. 🤦🏻‍♀️ LOL!

The colors I used for this design is Essie’s Eternal Optometrist & Angora Cardi.

So I discovered these nail art stickers over 9 years ago and still have so many sheets left. You can purchase them here. They are $6 for over 1000 different designs, these are just what I have left. 

The trick to getting these to work and not to take off the base coat, is to stick them on the back of your hand to remove some of the stickiness. 

Once on your nail, paint the area and immediately remove the sticker while it is still wet. The key is to remove the sticker in the direction that the design goes. 

These are seriously so easy and the color combos are endless. 
What did you come up with? Leave your photo down below! :)


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