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I’m Natasha, a late twenty-something, living in the South with my crazy-wonderful New Yorker husband, Anthony, our brood of soon-to-be five and our two dogs. Join us as we share our adventures, get healthy, and manage life with five kids & our two crazy pups! I hope to always leave you inspired when you stop by my little corner of the internet, I'm so glad you're here! :)




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My Maternity Must Haves!

Oh my gosh, can you believe that I only have 12 weeks left of this pregnancy?

I know, I know, there is still some time left however, this pregnancy has completely zapped past us. Since I'm a well seasoned momma, I thought I would share some of my must haves that have gotten me through the past months comfortably. 

1.  Under the Bump Maternity Panties /  These babies are amazing to sleep in! They are so soft and fit perfectly under the bump.

2.  Full Body Pregnancy Pillow  / I can't tell you how uncomfortable I am this time around, with the the sleepless nights it's so hard to get comfy. This body pillow is seriously like a pregnancy hug. It gives me all the support my poor achy body needs.

3. Underwire Maternity Nursing Bra /  I actually underwent a breast augmentation about two years, removing 8 lbs of breat tissue from each breast. However, the tissue that was removed started growing back in the last year and now I am back to where I was before the surgery. So, I want that extra support right now. 

4. Best Supportive Leggings / I’ve tried a few of the more expensive maternity leggings and I have to say that these leggings are by far the BEST. 

5. The Perfect White Tee /  So perfect to wear on it’s own or layered under something else. I like the fit and material of it too. 

6. Feel sexy for date night / Seriously, buy this dress! I love that it's form fitting and off the shoulder. 

7.  Seamless Maternity To Nursing Tank  / I love this undershirt, it's comfortable and great for allowing me to sneak those not maternity shirts into my wardrobe. 

8. This belly balmMy skin gets so itchy when I am pregnant. Does yours? Love this belly balm! 

9. This maxi / LOL .. so the further along I get the bigger this belly gets and the struggle is real when it comes to shaving my legs, not going to lie. At least I can look cute, be comfy and not have to worry if I missed a spot shaving! 

10. Best Jeans / Levi's are comfortable anyway. 

11. This maternity sweater / it's comfy for those cooler mornings, it's not ugly, and it goes with pretty much everything. 

12. This total lifesaver / lugging around this big belly hurts, a lot. this this helps save my back and give me some needed support. 

13. This T-shirt dress /  it's flowy, comfortable and can be worn with leggings or skinny jeans.

14. These comfy pants / there are some days where I just don't want to wear jeans. These are THE best!

15. This Twist Front Clip Down Nursing Nightgown / the fabric and style of this nightgown is really flattering and I love how easy it is to unclip in the event of feedings etc. Plus it's flowy and has room for the ever growing belly. 

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