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Before & After: Antique '40's dresser turned coffee nook.

I love antique furniture and I'm a stickler for saving old family heirlooms. I have been holding onto a couple of family antiques, including this 1940's dresser. 

It surely went from "dull" to "dazzling"! Wait 'til  you see it! :)

But first, let me show what it used to look like..

This dresser is solid, but unfortuneatly it was in some pretty rough shape.

But not anymore, take a look at it now!

Isn't it amazing what a little paint will do?!

I decided not to do anythign to the top of the desk, I actually loved the weathered look it already had.
If you haven't already guessed, I have an absolute obsession with calk paint. I've chalked painted my kitchen cabinets, the back splash, and a few more pieces in our home. Valspar Chalky paint is amazing. If you haven't tried it already, I highly suggest you do so! I love that you don't have to do anythign to the wood, you just paint and go!

So here's the dresser after the first and second coat of Valspar Chalky paint in the color Theater Wrap.

I sealed it with clear wax and after it dried started the distressing process.

I used a fine grade sanding sponge that I got at Lowes. I find the sponges are a little bit easier to work with than the paper. It's easier to hold and use and it forms into the grooves better.

After I destressed it, I started to antique is with Valspa antique wax. This wax is a little bit more wet unlike other waxes I've used. 

I actually used a rough rag when I was antique waxing this piece to give it even more of a distressed look. 

What are some of your favorite recycled furniture projects? Send me a link!

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