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I’m Natasha, a late twenty-something, living in the South with my crazy-wonderful New Yorker husband, Anthony, our brood of soon-to-be five and our two dogs. Join us as we share our adventures, get healthy, and manage life with five kids & our two crazy pups! I hope to always leave you inspired when you stop by my little corner of the internet, I'm so glad you're here! :)




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A little life update.

(my husband at work with me)

We have been so busy  that I can hardly keep up with everything!

We photographed a really neat Harry Potter themed wedding in East Tennessee. 

Then, we came back home had our anatomy and gender scan (though we still don't know what baby is), the gender is sealed waiting for my SIL when we go to NY. 

 Speaking of, I'm still trying to pack us for NY. Our washer decided to break the day OF our trip and I still had some last minute things I needed to wash, so I had to wash everything by hand, joy! 

We are really bummed that our older children will not be with us - long story short we asked their dad (because he gets them in the summer season) he said yes then, last minute he backed out. Like seriously, he waited until the day before we left to change his mind. We are really bummed since G & C are missing time with our NY family and the reveal of their future sweet brother or sister. But, at this point we can only cross our fingers and hope that this situation gets better. 

Our sonographer confirmed that baby Nesta #2 is indeed side laying too. For whatever reason Ezra and this baby much prefer laying from hip to hip. Which their weight on my hips has caused some serious pain issues. Or what we like to call in the medical field as "lightening crotch" haha yes, you read that right. Hips begin to soften and spread early which causes walking and standing to be a little bit uncomfortable. I’m just really hoping that this go around won’t be as bad as last time. After I gave birth to Ezra, I was in so much pain that I had to go to PT for a several weeks.

I’m OK with whatever this baby’s gender is, but I would love to have another girl this time around. I have been lucky enough to have one, and she’s now six. I know she wants so desperately to have a sister. She needs one, she needs a lifelong best friend (not that her brother don’t count) she just needs another sweet girl in her corner.

We do have “R” names picked out for both genders, so I’m really excited to see which one we use! 

I’m really excited for this round too, I see my husband with our youngest son and it warms my soul to see him being a daddy. He dances, sings, claps and gets so excited with every new experience. 

My favorite moment:

When we first brought Ezra home and he changed his diaper for the first time. Pee EVERYWHERE and Anthony was squealing at me for help! I couldn’t help but laugh in hysterics! It was truly a very special and funny moment for us. 

So where we are, do you think baby Nesta is a boy or girl? Let me know in the comments below! 

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