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Hello, sweet babe!

I can't believe we are 17 weeks already!

This pregnancy still hasn’t sunken in yet, and it just feels so surreal. Our house and everyone inside of it has been going non-stop. We are in the middle of several home renovations, my oldest children graduated Kindergarten and first grade (though Graham is enrolled in the extended summer program for his IEP with his school), and Ezra has been a very busy bouncing toddler. I really just haven’t had any time to just sit and talk with this sweet little peanut that has graced my womb.

I haven’t gotten anything for this precious babe either, which is pretty unusual because by now I would have.  I’ve felt good or at least semi-good throughout, no heartburn, no food cravings etc. But I dealt with a lot of crazy nausea with this pregnancy. And in the beginning, I lost a lot of weight. However, for the last few months, I’ve been maintaining my weight. I’ve been trying to not eat as much processed foods, and be a little healthier.  I’ve also been really HOT this time around. I’ve had four summer pregnancies now, but I have never been this hot. Like, I feel like I am on fire. I keep our thermostat set at 60. At night, I sleep with our ceiling fan and a floor fan going. Yet I still can’t get any relief. I go through cups and cups of ice water. It’s not that I’m dehydrated, because I know I’m not. It is just that I am trying to cool off as much as possible. HAHA this is what I get for marrying a hot Italian. ;)

The OBGYN told me that I needed to step away from weight lifting and then gave me this crazy restriction that I couldn’t lift anything over 25 pounds (which is crazy because Ezra is CLEARLY over that limit) and what aggravated me more was the fact that she gave me a very limited workout circuit. I can’t bench press, I can’t squat, and I certainly can’t dead lift. So I was left sitting there wondering what I really could do.

Cycle? -But who wants to sit on their rear and cycle for 9 months? Not this gal that is for sure! Walk? Please, I am just not a walking kind of girl. Nothing about walking has ever thrilled me. I’ve never been one of those “HEY, LETS GET ON THE TREDMILL!” types. So we decided to just freeze my gym membership. And that sucks. But what can you do?

I do have to express how unhappy I am with the OBGYN practice. Nothing is ever consistent and all the doctors and PA’s seem to just be all over the place. I much prefer my midwives and holistic medicine but unfortunately our insurance changed and they don’t cover it. So I’m stuck with pushy overbearing doctors. Also, I’ve never had a practice not need a urine sample. Urine is SO important when it comes to pregnancy. I mean, what if I had a UTI and not know it? How would they ever know if they don’t take a urine specimen? Totally and completely boggles my mind.

So this is where we are currently. We find out the sex next month and my SIL is throwing us a big gender reveal when we go up to New York for her wedding. I’m excited and nervous. I have my heart set on a girl but knowing my luck, I will probably have another boy (I have had three boys and one girl so far). And I just don’t see it in my future of having another girl. But, until our gender reveal, I will keep my fingers crossed.

What were some of your favorite second trimester experiences? What did you dislike most about your pregnancies? Got some cute or unique names you would like to share with us? Comment bellow!


  1. Every pregnancy is different, mama. How about swimming?

    1. I have been a few times, but with the hot North Carolina heat and Ezra still small and clingy it really hasn't helped. But thank you for the idea!

  2. This was a fun read! My sister had a tough time being pregnant as well because she loves to work out at the gym. She came to the point where she couldn't work out at all because the baby was laying on her nerve up her back which was making her pass out! My mom said that she lifted heavy things when she was pregnant and that's why she can't hold her pee now! haha. Apparently it's tough on your bladder or something. I'm excited to see more of what you do!


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