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I’m Natasha, a late twenty-something, living in the South with my crazy-wonderful New Yorker husband, Anthony, our brood of soon-to-be five and our two dogs. Join us as we share our adventures, get healthy, and manage life with five kids & our two crazy pups! I hope to always leave you inspired when you stop by my little corner of the internet, I'm so glad you're here! :)




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Day 2: Baby Got Back!

Noo, I'm not talking about that big juicy booty that we all want and dream of. I'm talking about all those beautiful muscles that make up the back and that gives us that nice big broad back.

You would think, that that with my medical background and being a massage therapist, I wouldn't forget about trapezius, Lats, rhomboids and etc. But it's so easy to forget or neglect those muscles when we are so focused on obtaining those big beautiful arms, thighs, and core. But what's the point of having those awesome arms, legs and even the booty when you don't have a nice big beautiful back to match? 

So as of right right now, here's is my current back routine: 

5 sets of 10 reps of each of these 

• Bent over barbell rows
• Seated machine rows
• Cable face pulls

Remember, I'm still super new to working out, and right now I'm not doing a very detailed routine. This is very basic with my main focus on my body mechanics. Because, I want to make sure that I nail the mechanics of the movement in order to prevent injury and have a quicker turn around time for building those big beautiful back muscles. 

So what are you working on this week? Leave me a comment bellow!

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