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I’m Natasha, a late twenty-something, living in the South with my crazy-wonderful New Yorker husband, Anthony, our brood of soon-to-be five and our two dogs. Join us as we share our adventures, get healthy, and manage life with five kids & our two crazy pups! I hope to always leave you inspired when you stop by my little corner of the internet, I'm so glad you're here! :)




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Getting over the difficulties

You've got to keep pushing.

Day three was arms... I get so frustrated with myself on this day because I feel like I can't do the work out properly. I either can't feel it (which Anthony will quickly up the weight), or my right arm doesn't extend like it should. It's a weird feeling I get almost like it catches right in the hinge joint of my elbow. When I'm extending my right arm it's like the motion sticks and it's extremely difficult and it hurts. 

I broke my arm roughly 8 year ago in a bad car accident. Well long story short, my humerus bone was broken and it took a metal plate, seven screws and some mesh to repair it.  

I also didn't have insurance at the time, so I was only able to get a few days of PT in but even after continuing the stretches and the movements that they showed me, my arm was never the same again.

Even now, sleeping on my right arm hurts.

I kept getting so flustered because no matter how much I warmed up my arm just didn't feel like it was extending the way it supposed to.  I kept getting more and more frustrated. Yes it hurt, but I cried out of pure frustration more than being in pain.

I know that my right arm is weak. And it is going to take some time, I've been guarding my arm for a long time. So I have to remember that I can't be so hard on myself. It's not that I'm not getting it, because I defiantly am feeling a difference, I'm starting to see a difference in my strength and body mechanics when doing massage too.

I just have to learn patience, something that I actually struggle with every day. I always expect instant results.

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