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Dead Lift 101 -Those Shoes.

The last I had left off we were dead lifting, and let me be honest -I totally felt unaccomplished. 

I didn't move up in weight- I actually stayed at my warm up weight which was around 70 pounds. No improvement, and I feel like I regressed from the first time I dead lifted. 

I'm struggling with my form, I'm still pretty wobbly and I beat up the front of my legs just to keep the weight in front of my body where it needs to be. My toes still curl up once I lift, and I can't stress enough the importance of having on the right shoes when you lift.

If you want to lift heavy you have to get low to the ground. Being low to the ground forces you to use every inch of your foot, which allows you to feel and grip the ground in a way that you can't with shoes the cup the heel.  Chuck Taylor's have a flat sole and keep your foot extremely close to the ground, allowing you to become planted. Which enables you to feel the ground better and push through your heels. You can push your energy straight into the ground helping you lift heavier weight. 

When we drive our heels into the ground, it forces us to contract and squeeze our legs harder through the lift. This over time will lead to a better technique as well as better form. So the closer you are to the ground, the easier it is to exert energy into the ground. Running shoes have a raised sole/heel and are cushioned to help absorb shock. Because of this, your foot sits high and you can’t firmly plant your feet. 

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