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DIY Glitter Shoes

What you'll need:

1. Faux leather shoes
2. One bottle of Mod Podge Gloss-Lustre
3. One-two bottles of glitter (I actually bought three containers each slightly different shade of teal. I really couldn't make up my mind, so I mixed all three to create my own "custom" look).
4. Small paintbrush
5. Sponge brush
6. Small bowl for mixing
7. Painters tape (optional)
8. Snand paper
9. Acrylic paint (optional)
10. Mod Podge clear acrylic sealer spray

I used black faux leather shoes that I previously bought from <a href="www.target.com">Target</a>. Take sandpaper and rub the surface of the shoe vigorously (you'll want to make it to where it's not shiney anymore). This also creates little lines and grooves for the glitter to stick better.

Take a small bowl and fill it with some Mod Podge (I eyeball these next few steps). Next, take your glitter and pour it into the same bowl (you want a good amount of glitter, again I just eyeball it so you can can add as much as you feel you need to. Mix glue and glitter.

With your paintbrush start painting your shoe! I alternated between the sponge and paint brush. The paintbrush is good for smaller areas where detail is important. The sponge brush is good for covering large areas. As you work, you'll probably start to notice that the mixture is white, but don't fret it will dry clear!

Let the first coat dry fully and then paint another layer on (or two depending on how thick your mixture is). I painted one shoe at a time. Let them dry and then repeat the steps.

When the shoes are dry, spray them with clear sealant to ensure glitter sticks. The Mod Podge already does a great job, and I didn't notice any loose glitter coming off, but I took the extra precaution.

That's it! Pretty easy, right?! The whole process took me about two days to finish.

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