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Things to tell your husband daily.

 "She didn't just fall in love with him once. She falls in love with him every time she looks at him."
-Josephine Angelini

I think the key to any successful relationship or marriage is being verbal with each other, every day.

Words of affirmation go a long way when it comes to love. And some times, it just feels really good to get a compliment or know that we are appreciated.  This is also the same for our husbands.

When I was asking Mr. Fresh Heart about what are some of the things that he wish I would say or do for him more, he talked about acts of service. If you are familiar with the five love languages, then you know what I'm talking about. However, if you don't and want to check it out and maybe even want to see what your love language is, head on over to Gary Chapman's website for the five languages of love here.

Anyway, acts of service is what he said. Basically he feels love when I do things for him without him asking. He's a man of action versus words however, not everyone's husband or partner seek acts of service. Because we are human we are all wired differently and interpret love differently. But there are others ways to express your love for your partner for example:

  • I love ____ about you or I love that you do ____.

I feel that saying "I love you" just simply isn't enough. Being specific about a certain trait or thing that your husband or partner does goes a lot further. Like for instance, I tell Mr. Fresh Heart that I love watching him be a father and interacting with our children. Or when life just gets super busy for me and he takes the trash out for me. When he comes back in, I immediately let him know that I love and appreciated him doing that for me. By doing this it lets your husband know what you are acknowledging what he is doing, even if the act seems so little.  Remember, even small acts leave a much bigger impact.

  • Letting your wants and needs be heard and acknowledged.

Though our husbands and partners posses many super talents, mind reading just isn't one of them. So we can't assume that they know what we want or need. We have to be verbally honest and open with them. If we are vocal about what we need or want we can avoid any negative outcomes there may be by assuming. When we are verbal this strengthens our bonds with each other. 

 Ultimately, we have to love our husbands or partners the way that they need or want to be loved. What are some of the things that you say and do for your husband or partner daily?

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