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Ezra Lee! 10 Months in Review

Ah! My little dziecko you are TEN months old today! My, my, where has time flown by to?! You are doing so awesome and you are becoming your own little person more and more each day! 

You however, are just as if not more mischievous now than you were before. 

You've discovered the pots and pans cabinet.

 screaming baby + pots and pans = one frazzled mommy.

Between you and your sister, there's a lot of caterwauling going on in the kitchen over the VERY loud bang of stainless steel pots and pans clashing together. My coffee intake has upped about 1k and so has my headache medicine. I'm giving it some serious consideration to start charging you both for renting my kitchen or noise violations. I haven't decided yet. 

Lets talk about teeth shall we? Lets see, you have 8 small and very sharp Parana teeth. Anyway, you use those lovely white chompers to bite. And you bite EVERYTHING. Including me. I am the only person you bite. And you're sneaky about too. And once I let out a yelp, you screech with excitement like some wild beast in the Amazon whose taken down much bigger game. I've resorted to wearing extra layers.

Did I forget to mention you like to terrorize the neighbors? You've offically scared off the neighbor kids. 

You love to climb on, over and under everything now... the couch, the dogs, your brother and sister. If you can belly flop on top of it, or squeeze in between it, it is fair game.

Your favorite game?

  Is peek-a-boo and you're a world class champion. You out peek-a-boo everyone, including yourself. 

this is one of your favorite spots to be: nestled in daddys arm pit, snuggling close fast asleep and snoring together. 

Here are some more of your favorite things:
  • Poppy
  • Blowing kisses to everyone
  • climbing under things
  • chomping 
  • sing-a-mah-jigs
  • waving


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