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DIY: Beaded Eggs

Here is an easy, fun and chic way to vamp up those plastic eggs you have!

What you'll need:

  • Mod Podge OR Elmer's Glue
  • Paint Brush
  • Plastic Egg (you could also do this with a real egg just make sure you shake it well, puncture one small hole on the top and bottom and blow out all the yoke.)
  • Sand Paper (optional)
  • Seed beads or any kind of small glass beads - you will need at least 1-3 containers for solid colors
  • Bead or Sewing Thread
  • Beading Needle

I think the most cumbersome part of this DIY project is all the beading you have to do haha.  Here I did a mixture of five different colors and strung them in a random order. This part takes the longest because you have to string enough beads to cover the whole egg from top to bottom, so feel free to enjoy that nice glass of wine(or two) while you work! ;)

Once you have that done the easy part can begin! Now you can either sand your egg to remove the shininess or leave it a lone. I find that either way works specially if you're working with Mod Podge. I want to be able to hold and turn my egg so I work in sections from top to bottom and a little bit at a time.

I use the hole at the top of my plastic egg as my starting point. With my first finger, I hold my starting bead in place and then start wrapping it around under my finger. I also hold my string beads pretty tight to prevent any gaps and thread to show through.

Once I've got enough wrapped around a few times I can hold the egg at the bottom and rotate it as I continue to wrap the beads around it.

You'll continue wrapping until the whole egg is covered, it will be okay if you end up having an empty space on the bottom just put more glue on and some loose beads. Unfortunately I didn't have enough beads to finish the whole egg, but I am going to show you ones I finished previously!

And there you go a cute, fun, and chic decoration to add to your home, hope you enjoyed this!

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