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Ezra Lee; 7 Months In Review

Seven months.. has it really been seven months already? You are growing up way too quickly and I want you to stay this sweet cuddly little baby forever. HAHA I can dream, right?

("Mom, you can't be serious.")

In reality, you are a mischievous ball of pure attitude. You scream and throw your head back when things don't go your way and you've declared the stainless steal dog bowls as your drums. You have full blown babytantrums. Bright colors entice you and anything that dangles... well lets face it, is up for grabs.  "Oh is that an exposed cord? Let me just yank on that!"

You crawl way too quickly for anyone to keep up with when you are released from your shackles. Seriously, daddy, momma, nanna, poppi and even your brother and sister can't keep up. Your sister is starting to suspect that you have magical powers or you have figured out a secret baby time warp.

Mommy and Daddy (really just Mommy, but we'll be nice to Daddy) are your favorite people and you cry when we leave the room. You'll even push the bathroom door open to be with us if necessary. Which makes makes bathroom doo-ties a difficult job for us. ;)

Food is no issue for you, but the girls have seen better days. I'm kidding, you have been good to them. But with your growing interest in regular food than in your smashed mystery (you've torn off most the labels by now) baby food. We have to result in doing the keep away dance or else we (as in who ever is holding you and yourself) end up wearing it.

"Oh I love your top, what are you wearing?"  ...."Beets, I'm wearing beets."

You can crawl, stand, wave good bye and 'Dada' is the subjects of all topics.You squawk, grunt, coo and laugh. You've become very opinionated lately. But you can't stand kisses anymore, mainly due to your doting and ever so loving older sister is always in your face. Daddy's funny noises and dances are always hysterical to you. If you were Humty Dumty, we would have to result in super glue and cement to keep you together by now. We might as well just bubble wrap you.

You can't stand your car seat. In fact, if you catch even the smallest glimpse of it you scream, and we aren't even going anywhere.

Bath time, oh darling bath time. I forget whose getting the bath me or you?

So you may be a little mischievous and a little spoiled, that's OK. You keep our life filled with so much joy and laughter we wouldn't have it any other way. So my little dziecko,  here is to a wonderful crazy seven months with you. I want you to keep growing, keep being silly, and keep being adventurous. <3


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