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DIY Galaxy Wine Glasses

What you'll need:  
  • Masking or painters tape  
  • Enamel paint that is specially made for glass in the following colors: black, white, teal, purple, and fuchsia. Side note: You can use any range of bright colors for your galaxy so don't feel obligated to use mine. :)
  • 5 Wedge Sponges OR Sponge brush.
  • Old tooth brush  
  • Paper towels for mixing, blotting, and removing any excess paint off of your sponge, brush and hands. 
  • Newspaper to cover your work surface

Tape your glasses where you don't want your galaxy painting to be at. On these, I taped up half an inch (maybe less) at the top of the glass.

Here is a helpful tip: put the tape on the top of your hand to remove some of the tackiness off the masking tape. I did one glass without doing this and the tape nearly took off half of the paint from the glass when I removed it.

Get your dark base color and begin to paint your glasses!

I painted on three layers of the black, the paint was really transparent with just two layers and the third layer was where I needed it to be.

Now select your next color and begin to sponge it on!

Here I started with purple and used different hand pressures to apply it. Some places I wanted it more opaque than other sections. The picture above, I already started to apply my third color.
There aren't any right or wrong ways to do this, so just go with it and have fun!

I swirled the handle for fun, it’s a neat little added touch and it shows off all the colors you used. 

This part of the project is the messiest, and I highly recommend doing this outside or you will ruin everything with white paint if you don’t.

Now to add all the tiny stars: to do this take you white paint and your tooth brush, dip the bristles in the paint then take your index finger and sweep it across the toothbrush, flicking the white paint onto the glass. The distance will vary the size of the spatters. So the closer you are the bigger they are and the further you are away the smaller they will be. So go crazy!
I also used a small eyeliner makeup brush to add the bigger star bursts, you don't have to do this, but it's a neat little add on.
Wait for your galaxy master piece to dry and then gently remove the masking tape from the glass. If some of it comes off, no worries, just sponge on a little more black paint.

 Now you have awesome galaxy printed glasses!

I would love to see your galaxy glasses that you come up with, add your link or photo in the comments!


  1. Finished a set for a wedding gift. They turned out pretty good. Sadly I am unable to post a picture here for you.

  2. Can you bake these to ensure that it doesn’t come off when you wash them?

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